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You’ve read the case studies, you're convinced of the value of design, and you may have even won the support of your peers. So what's next?

How do you identify and scope out the right project? What tools or techniques do you need to deploy, and where do you go for advice? 

Kicking off a project that proposes making a radical shift to delivery models can be a scary prospect. Getting the scope right, defining the approach and involving the right people can make or break the success and subsequent trust of the team. Learning how others have achieved this, testing early and learning from failure is critical. Putting in place the appropriate mechanisms to measure impact and track results can help refine the model and build the case for scale down line.  

Take a look at the advice and resources below to explore how you can start puting design into practice.

Putting design into practice

Learn how core design methods, tools and approaches can be used in practice – and be able to assess their suitability for different purposes.

Focusing on users

Understand why it is important to focus on users – and how this can be achieved on a practical level.

Learning from your projects

Understand the importance and value of tracking and measuring projects, and be able evaluate the pros and cons of different methods.

Raising awareness

Learn about the value of design and find case studies and resources that will help you make the case for investing in design.


Building capacity and skills

Find out about embedding new skills and changing culture in order to build your innovation capacity.

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