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This first is step is about getting started using design for more than just visual appeal. Your business might already be using designers to make your products and services look good, or you might be completely new to using design in a business context. In this section we’ll help you start using design to improve more than just how your products and services look, but how they work for you and your customers.

By building an understanding of your users, design can help you respond to the needs of your customers and solve real problems for them. Used in this way design can help you create an offer that stands out in the marketplace for more than just surface appeal, helping win new business and increase market share.

Case studies

Explore a selection of case studies from companies across a range of industries who have successfully taken the first step in using design methods to meet the needs of their customers.


Below we have put together a selection practical  tools to help you get started by gathering insights from your users, finding a design firm to collaborate with, and creating your own design-led innovation process.


Browse a selection of articles and further reading, that we hope will help you find inspiration and explore these methods in more depth.

Take the next step

Once you are comfortable with the ideas in our Getting started section, try our more advanced resources on Applying design.