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In this second section we will look at how design can do more than just improve your existing products and services. We will show you how design skills can be used at every stage of the development process to take ideas from the whiteboard to the marketplace. It’s a process by which any business can create innovative and successful new products and services.

The features of your new product or service will likely be driven by the needs of users, but getting it to market will require the skills and expertise of a wide range of teams within your business. This might include experts in fields such as research, engineering, operations and marketing. Design methods are valuable across all of these roles, and it’s this broader use of design skills that is vital to creating innovative products that customers really want to use.

To help you build your teams’ skills and confidence in using design methods we’ve put together a selection of tools, case studies and advice below.

Case studies

Explore a selection of case studies from companies across a range of industries who have created design-led products and services.


We have hand-picked a selection of practical tools to help you create design and innovation processes within your company.


A selection of interesting articles and further reading on applying design methods.

Take the next step

Once you are familiar with the ideas in our Applying design section, try our more advanced resources on Setting strategy.